Increasing Traffic 107% Over the Course of a Year

How? Long term, steady SEO work

> The Problem

This client came to us looking for long term help in increasing traffic. They had a review site they had been running for about five years, and were getting about 900 visitors per day. Traffic and income had plateaued, and they were looking for a partner to help them breakthrough and grow both metrics.

> The Solution

Using safe, best practices, we helped this client by providing full service SEO–from redesigning the site to fixing technical issues that kept some pages ranking poorly. We then focused on optimizing old content and writing new, highly optimized content that compounded traffic and increased income.

This site’s analytics from December 23rd 2019 to December 23rd 2020:

In this seven month engagement, we:

  • Helped fix technical issues that were holding back Google’s ability to crawl the site
  • Redesigned a much more modern site that increased conversions
  • Grew traffic from 900 visitors/day to almost 3,000
  • Doubled the amount of valuable keywords the site ranks for
  • Helped introduce the site to strategic industry partners to further facilitate growth

We helped take this client to over one million visits per year–notice the difference from the prior year to when we started working on the project.

How We Can Help You With Similar Projects:

Unlike the other two case studies (which were short sprints, a specific engagement), this client has been with us for over two years, and their goal for us is to continue to increase traffic by writing optimized content and creating/earning links to that content to help it rank. This our sweet spot: doing keyword research, writing engaging and highly-optimized content that readers connect with and search engines love to rank, and then building smart, low-risk links.

Signing up with Full Spectrum for this ongoing work is the best way to take advantage of our expertise and experience. Taking on all the most important aspects of making sure your site can rank well, and then executing on that over time. We’ll go deep into your niche, uncover the most important keywords to rank for, and then get to work creating content that will rank, and building links to further help rank that content.

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