How? A combination of brilliantly written content and strong, relevant links

> The Problem

This client had just picked up an amazing domain name, and wanted to build a strain review site on it. This premium domain name, they believed, would make an amazing brand, The problem: starting from zero in such a competitive niche is no small task.

> The Solution

Starting with a blank canvas, we helped them publish consistent, engaging content that ranked really well in the search engines, as well as executing a short but powerful link building campaign that targeted their most important keywords.

The client’s site analytics from the time we started working with them to the end of our engagement

In this seven month engagement, we:

  • Grew traffic from 0 to 30,000 visits/month
  • Grew affiliate revenue from $0 to $13,500/mo
  • Almost doubled the site’s authority (as measured by SEO tools)
  • Ranked for almost 13,000 keywords.

How We Can Help You With Similar Projects:

Though we started here with a completely blank canvas of a website, we can help you grow your traffic similarly by focusing on high-quality, well-written content that uses our proprietary optimization process to rank really well in the search engine results pages (SERPs). We can handle the entire process, from finding the right keywords to target, to in-depth research research–from optimizing and rewriting existing content to creating content from scratch.

In addition to content, we can help you get a variety of link types, including legitimate press mentions, power niche-relevant links, and other opportunities in our network we don’t talk about publicly. These are the same kinds of links we used to rank the site covered in this case study.

We don’t always do this kind of work, but in this case, we also worked on the logo design, and the site design and build-out. Using our extensive network and knowledge of cannabis products, we also helped connect this business owner with several well-matched affiliate products and introduced affiliate managers to help start a mutually beneficial affiliate relationship between the site and the product marketing teams.

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