Cannabis SEO That Helps Cannabusinesses Outrank Competitors and Get More Traffic

We can tell you how good we are at Cannabis SEO, but we’d rather show you:

0 to 85k Visitors in Seven Months

0 to 10k Visitors in Under Two Months

107% Increase in Organic Traffic

But you don’t have to take OUR word for it…

We commissioned Clarity to assist with our link outreach as well as help audit some technical issues we were experiencing on our blog and Shopify site. It was refreshing to be able to work with a talented team who knows our industry in and out. You won’t find someone with more experience in the cannabis niche that’s as well rounded as Sean, or that can produce results in this really tough vertical.

With the high authority links the team earned us and the technical site fixes that Sean recommended, we were able to see a 25% YoY increase in the first quarter of 2021.

Gary Simpson, Director of SEO – ILGM

“Hiring Clarity to lead our SEO and content strategy was a no-brainer. The recommendations are actionable and clear, and the team is incredibly transparent in their communication. Within a few short months, we are already ranking for the keywords we targeted, and seeing an ROI on our investment. The Clarity team has been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful–not just as SEO consultants, but as a strategic marketing partners of the brand.”

Alon Shabo, Founder – SabaiDee

In the short time we’ve been working with Sean, we’ve already started to see our site climbing the ranks on Google for our most important keyword.

Clarity has been helpful beyond SEO as well: Sean helped us acquire the .com version of our brand, an invaluable acquisition for us.

Alex Halperin, Publisher – WeedWeek

“Sean is an expert in his field and tackles challenges with creative solutions. Sean and the Clarity team are not new to the Cannabis space and have a good understanding of what is needed to be successful.”

Ken, Co-Founder – Diet Smoke
cannabis seo for marijuana businesses

Our team of SEO and Cannabis experts will work to get your site more traffic

Cannabis SEO is all that we focus on.

Everything we do is geared to help your site rank better in the search engines and drive more traffic. We can’t help you build a beautiful site; we cannot help you convert visitors to buyers. But we can damn sure get you more traffic by making sure your site ranks for your best keywords.

Work with a team that’s passionate about cannabis

Not an agency that works with the marijuana industry as an afterthought.

We are medical marijuana patients.

We are recreational cannabis home growers.

Before creating an agency to work with clients, we worked on a portfolio of sites in the cannabis industry that we sold off.

We wanted a new challenge, so we’re looking for exciting cannabusinesses to work with.

Want to see if we’re a good fit?

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Optimizing Content. Creative Link Building. Fixing Broken Sites.

This is our process.

1. Content that ranks, effortlessly

You can write interesting content all day, but if no one is visiting your site to read it, does it even matter?

Our is writing content that will not only engage your audience and help grow your brand, but is super optimized and will rank well. So people can actually find your content to consume it.

2. Powerful, relevant backlinks

Not all backlinks are created equal. We get you links that really move the needle: high authority, and niche relevant. The kind of backlinks it’s hard to get.

In addition to these uncommonly good links, we also build a balanced link profile that looks (and is!) natural, to mitigate as much risk as possible.

Don’t settle for anything less.

3. Fixing the Whole Site

All the optimized content and powerful backlinks in the world won’t save you if your site is broken.

By broken we don’t mean “not loading,” but rather a whole host of issues that send the wrong signals to Google’s algorithm and website visitors that will negatively impact your organic search performance, like:

  • slow to load
  • not optimized for mobile
  • unoptimized images and code
  • internal link issues
  • and MANY more

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