How? Keyword research like a scalpel

> The Problem

This client needed to rank for one and only keyword. The keyword was competitive, having several thousand searches per month and being a very lucrative keyword to rank for. The client owned a site targeting this keyword, but their goal was to own multiple results in the SERPs for their target keyword.

> The Solution

Because they didn’t have a site–but had a robust budget for this problem, we came up with a solution to utilize sponsored posts on other sites to help this client own the SERPs for this keyword. We wrote in-depth content and used an aggressive link building campaign to achieve first place rankings within two months.

In this two month sprint, we:

  • Drove over 10,000 visitors in three months
  • Produced over 13,000 clicks to client’s products
  • Used keyword research, sponsored posts, and aggressive link building to achieve quick results
  • Produced a 200% ROI

How We Can Help You With Similar Projects:

In this case, our client had a very specific need. Instead of having a website and looking to grow the traffic and income over time, we were handed a problem that was very much outside the box.

We evaluated their goals, communicated how we could help, and began work immediately. Within two months we are helping send over 10,000 targeted customers to their products, and helping them, and driving five figures in sales per month to their shop.

While we only offer two services: optimized content and link building, this shows how we can customize within those services to meet specific project criteria, and customize our offerings to fit your cannabusiness’s needs.

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