We use the internet to bring you more brand awareness and sales. Show up in Google, get more foot traffic, and become a leader in your space.

Professional Digital Marketing Services Backed by 20 Years of Big Brand Experience

When it comes to all things digital marketing, our team has been there and done that for over 20 years. We apply our years of marketing knowledge and get to know you, your business, and your competitors. Then we create a roadmap to make your business the aspirational business you want to be.

By creating a clean, professional business that is optimized to be found in Google, you become that brand. Then we help you to make it even better.

The core of our services involve SEO and website design and development. When we build beautiful websites that get found online, your brand has made it to the next level. We are also excellent craftsman with branding, logo design, and advertising for cannabis brands.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Using SEO tactics we get you found in Google, increase your customers, bring foot traffic to your door, and make the phone ring.

Web Design

We build websites that are beautiful, easy to understand and manage, and most importantly, converts website traffic to dollars.

The world of cannabis marketing has up to this point been amateur and unfocused. We're here to change that.

We’re not just another agency. We’re your knowledgeable, trusted advisers for all things digital.

Lets have a discussion and discover what it is that you really need to bring in foot traffic, new customers, and brand visibility on Google. Then lets create a professional roadmap to get you there within your monetary and time budget.

Time to get clear on what you need and become the aspirational brand you deserve to be.


People buy when they like you, trust you and connect with you.  We convey that through consistent branding and a multi channel approach.

Digital Strategy

Ready to branch out into email automation, AB testing, PPC campaigns?  We've done it all and know what works for the cannabis industry.

"The Clarity Agency was a huge help in upgrading our web presence.  We tried working with several vendors before them and no one was as knowledgeable or skilled at getting everything done right."- The Superior Dispensary