Ask more questions to dramatically improve dispensary sales & client retention

When we are children we ask lots of questions.  As we grow older we lose this childlike quality. However, by revisiting and embracing this inquisitive quality your dispensary can accomplish increased sales, revenue, and client retention.

Similar to a doctor diagnosing a patient, asking questions positions you as a respected strategic advisor. Also in general, people like being asked questions. It allows them to talk about the most important person in the room, themselves. And when it comes to serving dispensary patients, the most important person is indeed the patient in front of you.

Serve dispensary customers better with more questions

Strategic question asking is arguably one of the most valuable business skills. Sales has often been called “The language of questions” and the general school of thought at most modern businesses is now that we are all in sales. Daniel Pink talks about this in his book, To Sell is Human. Whether we are talking with our children, spouses, or customers, we are always in the business of moving others.

In the cannabis industry we are moving others to help them make the right choice for their needs. And as the industry grows with more recreational dispensaries, the persona of the average customer may change dramatically, with more atypical users trying products out of curiosity.

Investing some time and energy into strategic question asking with your staff is a valuable idea. Consider your most commonly asked questions from your real customers, role play real sales scenarios, and work with the team to better probe into the customers needs. One of our favorite resources for strategic question asking is Power Questions by Andrew Sobel. An increase in question asking abilities can go a long way to better serve patients and be seen as the strategic advisors that keep them coming back.

Remember the most important person in the room

When someone is asking you questions about yourself it makes you feel good. In fact, being the person asking the questions in any situation has the potential to make you the most popular person there.

Use questions to remind dispensary customers that they are the most important person in the room. Dig deep into their needs. Probe into what their real needs and objections to your suggestions are. Often times the real answer isn’t the first one you hear. Digging deep with questions takes a bit of extra time, and may make you feel like you are being invasive. But trust me, they won’t feel this way, and it will be worth the extra time.

So remember who the most important person in any customer situation is, the customer. And customer service will always be a cornerstone to the success of your dispensary.  Make them feel good through questions about themselves, their cannabis needs, and other questions to gather information to improve your business. How did you hear about us? Is our selection what you had in mind as a new customer coming here? How was the experience here for you today? Keep asking questions to keep improving your business.

Develop a culture of question asking

Question asking isn’t something that can simply be encouraged, suggested, or part of a job duty. It should be mandatory. And the best way to have buy-in by all employees is to develop a culture of question asking.

Encourage your employees to position themselves as expert strategic advisors, with question asking at the core of their ability to advise. Role play with dispensary employees to sharpen their skills as advisors. Any activities to sharpen this skill will only improve sales and customer retention.

Before you know it you will have an internal culture at your company where asking questions lies at the heart of patient care.