Increase foot traffic to your dispensary from Google Maps with this often overlooked tactic

With more and more dispensaries popping up around the US and in Google maps, competition is getting harder. Google maps listings on typically only shows 3-4 listings in their coveted “maps pack” at any one time.  And this traffic is high converting, bottom of the funnel, ready to buy customer type of traffic. The type that looks you up and comes into the dispensary that same day.

So using all of the extra SEO firepower in your arsenal can be worth its weight in gold (at the time of this writing), depending on your area.

In this post we will briefly touch on the basics of ensuring that your dispensary business shows up in the Google maps pack. We will then take a deeper dive into structured snippets and how to apply this simple code on your website to give you the extra boost in search results rankings that truly pay off.

What does my dispensary need to show up in Google Maps?

Google maps is designed to show search term specific relevant results for local services and location based businesses. So for example, someone searches for “dispensary in phoenix az” your business would be appearing in the local maps listings if they appeared as seen below:

Google maps listing for dispensaries in Chicago

Here we see that Moca, Dispensary 33, and MedMar Dispensary are doing well to use these listings at the top of Google to generate new business.  Your dispensary can show up in Google maps listings for these types of searches too.

How can I show above other dispensaries in Google search?

Doing well in Google local maps is centered around three basic pillars: Quality and quantity of reviews, local directory placements, and optimization of the company’s Google My Business page.

Get these three pieces correct, and chances are you will already be doing better than the other dispensaries in your area. This means more foot traffic into your location and new customers for your business.

What is structured data and why should my business implement this?

Structured data is what we like to consider another “pillar” of local SEO and can help local businesses to even further dominate the local maps pack.

Structured data is basically addition of extra code on your dispensary website that allows Google and the major search engines to understand the local business information (or other information you choose to add) about your dispensary.  In addition to understanding the information different it can also display it differently in the form of interesting and rich search results for your brand.

Implementing structured data on your cannabis brand WordPress site

We’ve found the simplest and most effective way to allow anyone to be able to add Structured data to WordPress sites without a developer is by using the WP SEO Schema plugin. Some do it yourself website builders such as Wix or Squarespace may have some built in structured data functionality. But due to the open nature of WordPress, adding the code on this platform should be no problem.

First head over to plugins and search for WP SEO Structured Data plugin, hit install, and activate.

Now simply follow the prompts and fill out the fields about your local business. You can use to find the latitude and longitude of your business. Then, be sure to validate your code using Google’s structured data testing tool.